Soccer coach: how i built this dream? (Three Steps)

It’s stranger when I stop to think about the reasons that made me follow the dream of becoming a soccer coach, because, in my memory, this decision was recently taken – something like one or two years ago. Although I have always loved soccer, I was not sure yet about looking for qualifications to work with the things I really love.

Now I can describe some reasons that helped me to take the final decision about my future professional career. Read the three steps below:

  1. Family influence


I’m brazilian and, like all the world already knows, we are just fascinated about football. My father, my uncles, grandfathers, brothers and friends are simply crazy about soccer. I have mentioned so many people, but, specially, my father influenced me so much more than the others did. I grew up seeing my father going out and coming back of travels – because he worked a lot for professionals football clubs in Brazil -, talking about tactical schemes, teaching me about the rules of this sport and taking me to the stadiums to see the games in real life. My love for him became, too, my love for soccer.

2. Games and sport practice

fonthabó praia

Here, in Brazil, one of the best ways to win friends is playing football. Don’t matter if this happen in the beach (like the photo above), in the street, in the oficial field or across the most popular way to play this sport: by the futsal. I have played a lot of times in each one of those places. It’s awesome to remember that I already played soccer, in the school, with a bottle cap (it was our ball) and looking for score in a pair of flip flops.

FM 2005

About games, I was a big fan of the Elifoot 98; the most of the Championship Manager series (CM 01/02; 03/04 and CM 4); all the Football Manager series (since FM 2005 until today); some Pro Evolution Soccer and, recently, the Fifa Soccer series. All these games have helped me to stay closer to the soccer reality and I recommend them to all football lovers over the world.

3. Relationship and competitivity 


I was always very competitive with sports and, naturally, never liked to lose. This strong desire to win, and to play the game in a serious manner, has created on me the basis for the understanding of the collective game. And the football is wonderful exactly by variety of its aspects: physical, psychological, emotional and tecnical. The soccer coach has to understanding and control everything around the players and the most part of the club’s organization. This dimension, that emphasizes the relationship between the club’s professionals, makes me dream and believe to achieving my goals.


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