My First Soccer Course -Principles To Teach Well The Soccer


Designed by the brazilian website, called Soccer University*, the course Principles To Teach Well The Soccer is a pleasant surprise in relation to free online courses available in Brazil. The course is divided in three relevant principles:

  1. Understanding soccer and its context;
  2. Knowing for who, how and what to teach;
  3. Applying the knowledge in classes and training.



Most of the brazilian guys, including me, has the thought that no one in the world know more of soccer than they. This explains the fact that our sports press say that Brazil is a country with million of soccer coaches, because almost everybody has a critical opinion about some soccer team. Obviously, this assertive passes away from reality. This occurs because our soccer is only seen like a game where what just matters are victories or defeats, instead of consider the sports like a process of learning, criativity, humility, respect and human development. 

This first principle – and that’s why I told this course is a great surprise – shows some important concepts about soccer and its iniciation. Presenting the initial question “Is it possible to teach soccer?“, the course debates other two topics: iniciation, especialization and the perspectives of the sport and the sport like right and the risks and opportunities for who wants to be a soccer player



Here, in this second stage of the course, begins the important ideas about the content of teaching football and what we can achieve with this. This principle is also divided in three topics: teach football to everyone; teach well football to everyone and teach more than football to everyone.  Those themes are great to understand the caution we must have at the job with kids while we’re teaching soccer to them. Teach soccer to everyone is not to make  distinctions with: gender, physical structure, skin color, disability or some simple difference. 

Teach well football is based on the principle that we have to show everything that is important in this sport and the right ways to play and to improve their abilities. Being careful with their health and fun, we can develop a good work with a ball in their feet.

Teach more than football (soccer) is show to everybody that perhaps the soccer is good and, sometimes, makes a lot of money, he is just a sport and have to be understood, firstly, in this manner. Soccer is one of the best ways to: have fun; make friends; respect others; live together with different kind of people; practice attention, concentration and to improve health. 


treino finalização

In this stage are showed a lot of examples – like this above – of training practices to do with the players. It’s very good to understand the reasons of each activity and what we can achieve with those graphics. This image show us a kick goal training, where the goalkeeper throws the ball to the forward, that has to kick the ball in his first touch. If he scores, he comes immediately to the goal and changes position with the goalkeeper. The same happens with the opponent.

This course offers a lot of others activities, explaining each one, in its Game Databases. It’s perfect for who, just like me, is learning since the basics principles of the soccer.



I couldn’t say anything else different: this course is five stars! I highly recommend! 

See below the certificate that I get.

imagem certificado

* The whole website is written in portuguese and also the course, but the effort pays off.

Course’s link:


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